Thursday, May 7, 2020

Ford Rectangular Badges

Type C: Produced by C.E.M. 109E-16070 C for North American models. Mounting pins 5/16" thick.

Type D: Produced by J Fray Ltd. 109E-16070 D for U.K. / Europe. Mounting pins 1/8" thick.

Both types are identical and found type D mounted on American models.
Original bezel plate with removed tag. Modified new tag and unmodified tag.

Refurbishing Badges:

New aluminum tags / decals are reproduced by Scott Drake in the U.S. for the American Ford door sill. Decals are of very high quality includes protected plastic covering and sticky backing. He produces two types:

Left: C8ZZ-6513208-T for 1966-1973 Fords. Right: C5ZZ-6513208-T for 1964-1966 Fords
These decals are a bit larger in size to the original decals produced for EnFo. Borders of these decals would need to be cut off to fit the EnFo bezel plates. A wooden jig is fabricated to the size of the inner surface of the bezel plate with a 1/16" deep oval cut-out to give clearance to the embossed Ford emblem. The Drake decal is sandwiched between the two wooden pieces and clamped slightly in  vice. I used a sharp wooden chisel to shave off the outer embossed border. I prefer C8ZZ with the smaller Ford logo instead of the C5ZZ lettering where "Product of " is touching the bezel plate border.
Original emblem.

Thanks to Tom Stixrud, my brother-in-law, for creating the jig for this idea.

Saturday, November 30, 2019

Here is a link to me being interviewed about my Anglia in 2017 at the The Little Car Show in Pacific Grove, CA

Monday, August 26, 2019

Cortina MK1 window trim filler moulding

Application: 1962- 66 Windshield and sedan rear window trim filler moulding. p/n: 113E-7042432

I've cut off 1" section pieces from a damaged Cortina MK1 gutter stainless steel moulding. Shaping and grinding down the side lip a bit to form a similar shape filler to the original. They are not a perfect copy of the original thus would need to be attached with sealant.

These are available to order please contact me.

Replicated filler attached with sealant

Replicated fillers

Original filler on the left, replicated filler on right

Friday, July 6, 2018

105E Front Seat Bracket Extension Conversation

The early bucket seat clamp bracket and spacer set on the early Cortina MKII can be used on the 105E series models to move the front seat aft approximately one inch.

Image of the seat clamp and spacer are illustrated in the Cortina model "C" master parts and illustration catalog.

Clamp p/n: 3014E-7360064    Spacer: 7361816

Original 105E seat clamp

Cortina MKII spacer

Cortina MKII spacer and clamp set

Drill a new mounting hole for the aft section of the clamp

Sunday, August 6, 2017

100E / 105E Light Switches

Twist / pull type were commonly made in England by Arcoelectric, established in 1932 and remains a leading manufacture of switches and indicators.

These switches can be refurbished if the unit isn't damaged or contacts are too worn beyond repair.


Remove the 5mm nut with long nose pliers. Check each removed part for extensive wear. Use a Dremel type motor with a rotary wire brush to clean and polish the contacts and spindle shaft.


Observe all spring loaded tabs make contact. You may have to bent the tab a bit for firm contact.
Apply lock-tite type sealant on the nut thread. Tighten the nut lightly with the shaft in the pull out
( lights on ) position.

Operation and continuity check:

Connect an Ohm meter to the switch terminals and rotate / pull to check operation and continuity.
Oil shaft with light oil . Spray a bit of WD-40 inside the switch if operating it is noisy.

Monday, February 13, 2017

License Plate Light Assemblies


Butlers A-L-60 for 105E / 109E
Wards & Goldstone Ltd SAE 6-61 for 114E-13543.

Replace damaged or rusted light sockets with instrument light sockets that fit in a 5/8" diameter hole.

Reproduction assembly:

Use 1/16" sheet metal. Cut and bend to desired size and mounting angle. 5/8" light socket hole(s).
My preference for a chrome cover, glass, and gasket is from an early MGB which are easily obtainable.
Light sockets are 105E / 109E or Cortina MK1 / MK2.

Remove light socket from bottom of assembly for easy light bulb access. Snap socket in place with low adhesion silicon to prevent moisture exposure.
Reproduction bracket; 3 types of 5/8" English Ford light sockets; MGB cover, glass, gasket and screws)

114E original bracket; 105E instrument light sockets

On the left, original 105E light assembly. On the right, reproduction assembly.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Autolite / Motorcraft Four Cylinder Distributor Caps and Rotors

Ford officially launched Motorcraft parts division in 1972. This new brand replaced Autolite owned by Ford since 1961.
 Autolite Distributors were installed after 1966 for imported N.American Anglia 105E / 123E, Cortina MK2 '67-70 and Lotus Cortina MK2, including V4 engines.
Autolite produced two types of distributor caps and rotors for the Autolite and later Motorcraft distributors:
C7BH-12106A (1967)

C6AH-12106A (1966)

Physically the same caps except C7BH has approx. 8 degree advance rotor contact position.
I could not find any information on why Ford decided to develop this new type C7BH cap along with C6AH cap. I can only guess that the Autolite C7BH cap was produced for high revving Lotus Cortina MK2 engine in 1967 which is the correct cap and rotor C6AH-12200A for this model.

                        C6AH-12200A (1966) DORY-12200A                                 DORY-12200B

The rotor on the left is meant for the 1500 / 1600 GT engine and on the right is a larger area contact rotor meant for the 997 to 1600 standard engines.

According to parts suppliers all caps and rotors are interchangeable but the problem arises when a DORY-12200A ( GT ) rotor combines with a C7BH ( standard ) cap. The rotor doesn't align with contacts of the cap. Moving the distributor to align the contacts will alter the dwell.

In the 105E parts book lists Autolite cap as C6AH-12106A or C7KH-12106A which is the correct cap for a 997/1198 engine but the rotor listed as C6AH-12200A or C7AH-12200A is incorrect. Should have:
DOAH-12200A or DORY-12200B.

Lucas Electrical parts reference for Capri 71-73 1600 and Cortina 67-70 1600 combines RA2 rotor and DC4 cap as a set which is also incorrect. Should be DC7.

Match: Cap C7BH-12106A with Rotor DORY-12200A or DORY-12200B
Match: Cap C6AH-12106A with Rotor DORY-12200B only
No Match: Cap C6AH-12106 with Rotor DORY-12200A


Advanced Caps: Ford C7BH-12106A, Motorcraft EDH-13, Lucas DDB757 ( DC7 ),
Niehoff FF 60 E, Standard FD 146, Autolite DHE-155

Standard / Deluxe Caps:  Ford C6AH-12106A, C7AH-12106A, DORY-12106A, Motorcraft EDH-12
Lucas DDB754 ( DC4 ), Autolite DHE-156.

Short contact rotors ( GT ): Ford C6AH-12200A, C7AH-12200A, DORY-12200A, Motorcraft DRE-90,
Standard FD-113, Bremi 9563.

Long contact rotors ( Standard / Deluxe ) : Ford DOAH-12200A, DORY-12200B, Motorcraft DRE-91, Standard FD-112.